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Midweek Message from the Archive

Where are you?
I think communication was God’s idea from the beginning. Think about it. We have the spoken word and the written word. God spoke the world into existence and Jesus is called the Word. It was all about relationship with Him. I think of the ancient hieroglyphics I’ve seen in Arizona and Egypt, the ancient scrolls in Israel, and I’ve read about the many alphabets that we’re created, all in the name of communication. We live for our cell phones, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and now blogs. Why is that? I propose it is because communication was God’s idea and it’s how we develop relationships. Now, I grant you, verbal, face-to-face communication is the best but sometimes in our busy lives we have to resort to other forms.
God’s reason for communication was based on His desire to intimately commune with mankind. Do you remember the story in Gen. 3:9? If you don’t have it memorized 🙂 let me remind you. God, Adam, and Eve were walking and talking in the Garden. Temptation was later presented and they fell for it. Now, you might think that God would break off all communication with them since they had disobeyed Him but He didn’t. He said to them, in the midst of their sin, “Where are you?” You have to know that God knew where they were. He’s God. It reminds me of playing hide-and-seek with my grandkids. They run and hide and I search for them, knowing where they are. I call out to them, “where are you?” and they answer, “here I am, Mi Mi!” We delight in finding each other.
God is speaking to you today. “I know where you are right now, you are never out of My sight. Your situation is temporary; it will change.” Life always changes and that’s good. He says, “Trust in Me, talk to Me about your hopes, your fears, your dreams. I’m waiting for you.

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