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From the Holy Land

We are on the last leg of our Israel Prayer Journey for this year. It has been enlightening as well as challenging as we’ve walked and prayed, declared and sang to the God of Israel and His Son, Jesus Christ. Today was a reminder of the holiness of God as well as His covenant-making character. He loves people and desires them to love Him in return. I can understand that. What I can’t understand is why He is so faithful to keep His end of the agreement when we are so unfaithful to keep ours. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, all of them were at one time or another unfaithful to God. You and I are no different. Yet He remains true to His character.

No one knows what’s in store for this land in the near future. We can only guess. Iran seeks their destruction and are in alignment with Russia and Syria. America has weakened her stand and support; it seems they may be all alone in their fight to stay alive. Yet God remains faithful. He loves this land and He loves these people.

The Bible has prophecies that must be fulfilled before the return of Christ, that we know for sure. However, none of them are good for Israel. War will come from an alliance of nations in the north (Ez. 38-39), there will be a third Temple built on the Temple Mount (Ez. 40-44), and no one will come alongside to help her (Zech. 12-14). Except God. He will be enough.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you! Peace be within your walls and security within your towers!” For my brothers and companions’ sake I will say, “Peace be within you!” For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your good. (Psalm 122:6-9 ESV)

So we leave this land in a couple of days, maybe for a long time, maybe for just a year. Only God knows. But we leave assured that God has His chosen ones to pick up the baton of prayer and keep running the race. He has others, probably younger than we are, to whom He will impart missions and assignments. So we can now identify with the apostle Paul in proclaiming that in his mission he shined as a light to the world,

… holding fast to the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain. (Philippians 2:16 ESV)

Shalom from the Holy Land.

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