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I’ll go to Jamaica

While on a missions trip here in Jamaica I was challenged to see Jesus every day. I missed Him the first day and was determined to be more aware of His presence as we worked among the very poor of the island. I was on a team with my husband to build a shed-like dwelling for a very old, feeble man that was chosen by the ministry. He lived in a make-shift shanty that was constructed out of scrap wood, undoubtedly many years ago. We have to walk up a mountainside to get to this place carrying all of the equipment needed for the day. Dave was one of the main builders and I was on the painting crew.

After I completed my assignment I was bored and suddenly felt prompted to walk around this new building praying for this man named Noel and his safety. This is a squatters area and I was concerned that someone might try to take his new home from him. This new home, by the way, has four walls, a couple of openings called windows, no electricity, no running water, and a door.

As I was walking and praying I rounded a corner and there was a woman watching the construction. That wasn’t unusual, there were many locals and their many children sitting around watching this amazing construction. I introduced myself to this beautiful Jamaican woman and she identified herself as Noel’s daughter, Elizabeth. This was a God-moment. As we chatted she told me she had been praying for several years for God to help her father. She does what she can, laundry and food, but that’s all she could do. She has two grown sons and grandchildren; we had that in common. It was a great connection but what happened next was the Jesus sighting.

I told her we were the answer to her prayers and she agreed. Just then my own son Brian rounded the corner and I felt the urging to introduce him to her. She immediately began to speak a blessing, actually prophesy, over him and our family. She spoke that blessing over my children and all my grandchildren and even over Brian’s grandchildren! A generational blessing. What a moment for me.

This trip is the first, I hope, of many more opportunities that Dave and I can have with our family, ministering in our various gifts to the people He chooses. They are truly apostolic assignments; He sends us and we go. The name of this particular mission is IsleGo: “I’ll go” -get it?

God is doing something amazing in my family right now and not just on this missions trip; He is at work in both of my son’s hearts just in different ways. I praise Him for everything He’s doing and feel humbled in His presence.

Keep praying for your children, beloved readers. He answers when you least expect it so be patient. I’m walking alongside each of you in agreement for a move of God on your children.

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