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Means of Grace- Evangelism

This is the last of a 10 part series of messages on the ways that God blesses His Church: the means of grace. I didn’t choose evangelism because it’s least important but because it seems to starts the cycle all over agin. Evangelism is often seen as a Billy Graham Crusade where hundreds of people come to the altar and get saved. As true as that may be, it is only one example of true evangelism and Dr. Graham is only one in a select group of people whom God has chosen to operate in this way. Much more common is the simple message of sharing what God has done for us with others. Our testimony is irrefutable since it is so personal; no one can say it isn’t true. People can argue doctrine, scripture, or church methods but no one can argue the transformation God performed in your heart.

Evangelism is sharing the good news of your renewed life with the people who cross your path. It is the Holy Spirit Who will put right the people in your path if you desire it. How does evangelism, sharing Christ with others, qualify as a means of grace? I believe it’s because when you speak the Holy Spirit fills your heart and mouth, consequently, you walk away knowing He has used you in someone’s life; that is a blessing to you and to the Church.

But how can they call on Him to save them unless they believe in Him? And how can they believe in Him if they have never heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them? (Romans 10:14 NLT)

However, evangelism isn’t an end in itself. The Great Commission of Matt. 28:18 was not to get people saved; that is His job. Our assignment is to make disciples after they have a trusting, saving relationship in Him. Therefore, it’s essential that evangelism and discipleship work together in the Body of Christ.

“Well, evangelism isn’t my gift,” I’ve heard said (I’ve even said it). True, some may be called to operate in this gift with more frequency but we are all called to share our faith with others. We are encouraged to be prepared to proclaim the word of God at all times (2 Tim. 4:2); we never know when that divine appointment with someone will come our way. Francis of Assisi (10th century monk) is quoted as saying, “Preach the gospel everyday; if necessary, use words.” I like that because it shows that our lives as Christ-followers, the way we react and behave in front of others, is a testimony to Him. So don’t go out and rent a stadium: pray for a divine appointment, walk your neighborhood, enter a store with a prayer in your heart asking God for an opportunity to share Him. Follow your own style and watch the Holy Spirit work through you.

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