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Finding Jesus in the Prophets

Whenever anyone goes looking for employment the key concern is job description, right?

• What’s the title, salary, and hours?
• What are the duties, responsibilities, and purpose of the work?
• Any qualifications, like education, training, or experience required?

Today we begin the section of the Bible called the ‘prophets’ but before we can delve into this topic we need a job description.

• The title is Prophet, the salary is nothing, and the hours are on-call, 24/7. There’s a distinct possibility that the people will ignore you, hate you, and even persecute you.
• Summary of duties? Speak for God: whatever He tells you to say, whenever He tells you to say it. No questions asked, no discussion. As a Press Secretary reveals our President’s perspectives on issues, the prophet declares the will of God. The purpose? Be My spokesman to My people; warn them of sin, express My love to them, call them to repentance, and alert them to what’s coming.
• Qualifications of a prophet? Chosen by God, no experience or education necessary, on-site training.

Does that sound like a job you’re anxious to apply for? Leave me out. And yet God chose specific, trusted men to speak for Him. Why did He assign these prophets with these duties? Simple…He loves His people and desires to communicate with them. The Prophets are God’s communicators. They will continually declare to the people what God is thinking and what He desires from them. Any relationship requires communication, some more intimate than others, but regardless, sharing with one another is a key component. God created us to need Him and since mankind’s fall into sin He has chosen to use prophets to effectively convey that love and mercy.

Prophets needed to be committed. Undoubtedly, God called them to this position because He saw their hearts: a desire to please Him, whatever the cost. As we travel through the prophets of the Old Testament in this “Finding Jesus Series,” my hope is that God will reveal Himself to you in a deeper way. Through sixteen men, whose prophecies were chosen to be books of the Bible, we’ll find Jesus and we’ll find His Plan for the end times. Amazing.

No one can speak for another unless they are connected in some way. The prophet’s calling, unlike a priest who was born into the position, was unique and required staying in touch with the Father. We find Jesus, a prophet in His own right, staying connected to His Father. He only did and said the Father’s will (John 5:19-20).

We’ll find Jesus in every prophetic book, some veiled and some clear, but the most exciting part for me is the consistent proclamations of the Second Coming of Christ. That Day, as it is often called, is described in much detail to alert us to its timing.

For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are. (Romans 8:19 NLT)

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