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Midweek Message from the Archive

God in Christ-Christ in You

Today I begin a four-part series on the book of Colossians. Obviously, I can’t do more than inspire you to read it for yourselves but I can give the ‘big picture’ in each chapter to give you incentive to open your Bible.

Paul begins with words that display his love for these believers. Read it that way, personally, as if he’s writing to you. His desire is to encourage you in your walk with Jesus as well as give you insight into the mystery of that relationship.

Chapter One shows us that Paul sees three things in you: faith, hope, and love. Look for those words in the first five verses. He tells you that it’s obvious your life is different since you decided to follow Christ. Let me ask you today, do people notice changes in your behavior and attitude?

In the next verses he encourages believers by letting them know he is praying for them. Have you ever had someone tell you that? I have so I can assure you there is hope, strength, and rest knowing someone cared.

Next, Paul writes the most succinct verses in all of scripture, of the supremacy of Christ. He tells us that Christ is the exact representation of God. He’s not only God’s Son but He’s God Himself. A mystery? For sure. He goes on to explain that all of the attributes of God are in Christ. Other religions acknowledge Jesus as a prophet and even God’s Son but no other religion admits that Jesus Christ is God except Christianity. These verses prove that.

Why doctrine in the midst of such a personal letter? Maybe because we need to be reminded that our Savior is truly God in all aspects. He has the ability to help us in all circumstances.

Lastly, our relationship with God begins at the cross and ends with His indwelling presence in our hearts. God is in us, going where we go, hearing what we hear, seeing what we see, participating in what we do. That should cause you to reflect on your life. If you confess to be a follower of Jesus Christ are you acting like it? If Jesus reflects the Father, do you reflect Jesus? He wants to give you His mighty power so you can live in the Kingdom of God holy and blameless. He wants you to stand before Him without a single fault. It’s not hard to live that way but it takes diligence, patience, and endurance. It’s His power–not yours, that’s the clincher of Chapter One.

Read it for yourself this week and ponder on the amazing promises you have in Christ. Take it in stages and think about this incredible mystery that is being revealed to you. If you’re discouraged, it’ll encourage you. If you’re hopeless, it’ll restore hope. If you’re on cloud nine, it’ll remind you why you’re there. It’s all about Him.

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