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Finding Jesus in Micah

“Who is like God?” That’s the question that was on the mind of the prophet Micah for his entire life since that’s the meaning of his name. It’s formed as a question but it’s really a declaration of God’s sovereignty, His superiority, or His position in the mind of man. Micah spends four of his seven chapters describing God’s authority in one particular way: eschatology… the study of the end times.

His first words speak to His people but also to the earth (vs. 1-2); the LORD is coming with such power that nothing and no one will be able to stand against Him. He is the Breaker (2:13) that goes before us: He is the King. Micah, filled with the power of the Spirit (3:8) stated that his words will come to pass in the ‘latter days’ (4:1). We know that to be the end times and the Second Coming of Christ with the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

In the midst of Micah’s warnings that the Assyrian Empire will conquer northern Israel (Samaria was the capital) Micah concentrates on the souther kingdom (Jerusalem is the capital). He reiterates their coming captivity but speaks of a remnant, a small group, that will return and be restored. Those words are also apparent today as the nation of Israel fights to keep her national independence.

Micah’s message included Messiah’s first coming in Bethlehem (5:1-4) but focuses his attention, as his name indicated, on the kingship of Jesus when He returns. In that day nations will be punished (5:10), boundaries will be extended (7:11), and all of creation will fear the LORD our God (7:15-17). That’s where we find Jesus in the book of Micah.

This anointed prophet of God is careful to end his book with some wonderful promises for us; ones that need to be repeated again and again. Jesus came the first time to be our substitute and die for our sin. He gives those with faith in Him a pardon, before the Judge, from our sin and guilt. What other god of yesterday or today does that? What other God becomes like us so that we can become like Him? Micah asks, “Who is like God?” Who not only forgives and wipes us clean but then throws all those sins (7:19) into the ‘sea of forgetfulness’? If you remember your former sins before you came to Christ then you are alone. The sign on your heart should read NO FISHING ALLOWED. He has forgotten them: so should you.

If that wasn’t enough He promises to return as King and give those of us who follow Him the original place of authority and dominion that we had in the Garden! Who is like our God? No one.

Clearly, God’s promise to give the whole earth to Abraham and his descendants was based not on his obedience to God’s law, but on a right relationship with God that comes by faith. (Romans 4:13 NLT)

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