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Defend your Faith- Part 2

Some people love a good debate over a topic they are passionate about and others choose to remain quiet and just listen. That’s often because they’re not prepared and can’t support what they believe in the debate. Have you ever watched someone get surprisingly excited over a topic, begin to show their enthusiasm by the way their voice gets louder and with their body language? You may find yourself responding with surprise, “Wow, I didn’t know you felt so strongly about that!” I want my faith in God to be strong enough that when people question Christianity I don’t remain quiet but have the right words with which to respond. What are the right words? Well, it all depends on your audience and the slant of the discussion. With the help of the Holy Spirit you can respond to anyone in truth and love in the issue that is confronting you. The apostle Peter, in the scripture from last week, said to respond in a gentle and respectful way; we can be passionate and yet kind.

People can debate with you how the world came into existence but they cannot question the love you have in your heart for the God you believe created it. They can argue about whether Jesus Christ was God in human form, however, they can’t argue when you share a story how when He was there for you and gave you divine guidance. It was undoubtedly God when the situation resolved itself in your favor. They can dispute that the Holy Spirit is living in your heart because they can’t see it but they can’t dispute the comfort He gives you when you’re depressed or hopeless.

The good life, kingdom living in Christ, is a good reply to naysayers about the hope that is in you through Christ. No one can argue as you describe the victory in your life in Christ and people may even envy it. ” … if people speak against you, they will be ashamed when they see what a good life you live because you belong to Christ. (1 Peter 3:16b NLT)

Living the good life means that Jesus is not just Savior but Lord and your conscience is clear. Your life will be a testimony of the faith you have in a God you cannot see (1 Peter 1:8&9). No one can dispute a person who is full of joy and hope for the future, no matter how the present circumstances look. I want to be a person who can make a defense for faith by my life and the way I live it. It’s not always easy but it’s definitely worth it.

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