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Have you ever said this, “Why can’t people DO what they said they’d do?” It’s very frustrating to be chasing after people who offered their service and you can’t see any indication that they followed through. Nothing much is accomplished. It can be in your home, at work, at church, or in an organization you’re involved with; people often don’t do what they promised.

Why is that? What’s lacking in our personalities? There are various answers but they will all probably describe some form of a lack of integrity. Ahhhhh…integrity. How would you describe that word? Honesty? Faithfulness? Diligence? Yes, all of these but more. The Bible speaks of integrity and gives us a character who continued in integrity all of his life; his name was Job. He was a husband, father, friend, and businessman. Listen to what God said:

Then the Lord asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job? He is the finest man in all the earth. He is blameless—a man of complete integrity. He fears God and stays away from evil. And he has maintained his integrity, even though you urged me to harm him without cause.” Job 2:3

Did you catch who the Lord was addressing in that passage? Our enemy, Satan, would like to put circumstances in our lives that cause us to lose our integrity, and yes, God allows it. When we are accused, even in our innocence, we must strive to stand with complete integrity. The Hebrew word translated ‘integrity’ means that Job did what was right, he was blameless from God’s viewpoint. He showed integrity in that he was well-rounded and balanced in his dealings with family and work. He had a sense of completeness about him.

Notice from the scripture passage the two character traits listed to describe integrity: fears God and stays away from evil. Would you like that type of simple and complete life? A life lived to the full measure of God’s plan for you? If things don’t go your way this week think about integrity and think about Job.

You probably remember the story of Job. After God met with Satan, he was given power to afflict Job in order to turn him from his Creator. Pain and suffering, loss of family, mockery from friends, accusation, abandonment, isolation: you name it, Satan tried it. How did Job react? He maintained his integrity. He continued on in his complete life.

If you’re having a hard week, maintain your integrity. Walk in the knowledge that God is on your side even if your circumstances don’t reflect it. Honor God in your reactions and stay away from evil. And yes, make people happy by doing what you said you’d do!

By this I know that you delight in me: my enemy will not shout in triumph over me. But you have upheld me because of my integrity, and set me in your presence forever. (Psalm 41:11-12 ESV)

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