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Psalm 119 Thirteenth Octave

Psalm 119 is like a long and winding road. We’re over halfway through 176 verses and today we get to turn a corner. The last few octaves have been focused on suffering and enemy attacks but today the writer shifts to declaration. He experienced success against his enemies and now desires to give God recognition. As we travel our own roads in life, straight or curves, hills and valleys, stop, yield, or speed signs; to whom do we give the credit? Ourselves or God?

The Psalmist began this octave with a Hebrew word that translates ‘how’ or ‘how much’. He attributes his victory to God’s Word over enemy attacks. “How much I love your Word!” God’s law is His Word. It’s the map that we use to travel this road called life with all of its twists and turns. This man has realized that God’s Word works! It’s the best way because it functions like a divine GPS. It tells us where we are and helps us navigate our destination.

Let’s look at some of the writer’s revelations about God’s Word (vs. 98-102):

*It makes me wiser than my enemies.
*I have more understanding than my teachers or even older people.
*It helps me veer away from evil and maintain a straight path.
*I receive power to remain on the right road.

This writer has experienced triumph over his enemies as he walked the difficult stretch of road called suffering. The good thing is, he came to the end of that particular highway maintaining his integrity. That’s the way I want to navigate. When evil comes my way I desire to walk closely with God in my relationship with Him and stay in alignment with His Word. It’s not always a smooth path, it can be quite rocky, but I know that the Spirit of God gives me the power to complete the trip.

The Psalmist experienced the sweetness of God’s Word (vs. 103) as he positioned himself in a place of humility. “God, I need you.” It’s as simple as that. Have you stopped at that place today? Where does your GPS place you? Have you veered off in a direction that brings no inner peace or joy? Do you feel far away from God due to this stretch of road? Has it become rocky with many unexpected turns or is it straight and easy right now? Either way, God’s Word will get you through and keep you prepared for any temptation or trial that appears.

The writer completes this meditation with a comparison (vs. 104). He loves God’s Word with such passion that a turn away is like hate to him. He has arrived at a straight stretch of road where he’s thinking clearly and realizing that God came through for him. That’s why he began this octave: I love God’s Word so much!

I think the Beatles had it right in their famous song, The Long and Winding Road, it will lead you to His door. If you receive this via email, go to the website to view the YouTube video:

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