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Psalm 119 Sixteenth Octave

It’s logical to believe that when you’ve done everything right life will go your way. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case as we read in verses 121-128. The first Hebrew word sets the tone once again, a past tense verb of ‘to do’. He begins by saying, “I have done what is just and right.” You’d think, as he does, that since he did everything by The Book, he’d be experiencing victory and kingdom living. As you read you’ll realize that he has reached the end of his rope; he needs deliverance.

Have you ever felt that way? Is this a familiar conversation? “Lord, I’ve done what’s right. I’m reading my Bible, active in church, increased my prayer-time, even tried fasting, and I’m still in the same hard place. Where are you; do you even listen? How much longer, God?”

I think sometimes we get into a mode of thinking that the more we do the more God cares about us and will answer our prayers: faster. That’s simply not true. As the Psalmist is learning, a works mentality does not move God. He cannot love and care about you anymore than He already does. That’s a fact. It’s not a question of His love, it’s about His timing, however, we can ask for a sign to show us He’s moving (vs. 122) in places we cannot see. Those little slivers of light in our darkness can bring so much hope and expectation.

Growing a plant is an analogy you may find encouraging. Simply place a seed in soil, cover it up, and wait. That’s not hard to understand, right? But do you realize that even though you’re patiently waiting, checking the soil every day and seeing nothing, that there’s much happening underground? The seed coat that protects it must break open and allow the tiny embryo to begin to grow. The soil must feed it with nutrients, water, and the warmth of the sun, and then the microscopic roots begin to shoot out. These roots spread in all directions and anchor the new plant that has begun to grow. All of this is happening under the ground, where you can’t see. From your limited perspective it looks like nothing’s happening but in reality, from God’s perspective, a lot is happening. A new plant will not poke through the soil, bringing a smile to your face, unless all of the groundwork has done it’s job.


That’s how it is when you live in God’s kingdom. The Psalmist declared,

“It is time for the Lord to act, for your law has been broken.” (Psalm 119:126 ESV)

I’m in agreement with him and with you but it’s vital to remember that God, in His grace and love, will poke through your ground at just the right time. It won’t be because you’ve done everything right, it’ll be simply because He loves you and needs to work in darkness and silence first.

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