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Angels- Episode Six

The greatest drama of all time unfolds with an angel explaining to John the apostle, what will be taking place at the end of days; I like that, knowing the plan ahead of time. We are both servants, angels and saints, called by God to a unique role in this drama. There’s a striking mission of angels throughout the Book of Revelation, it begins and ends with the assignment of angels, seven of them, to the Church.

God had clearly spoken to the prophets of the end times, however, those words are yet unfulfilled. Isaiah’s new heaven and earth (66:22-23), Jeremiah’s King (33:14), Ezekiel’s Shepherd (34:23-24), Daniel’s Fifth Kingdom (7:13-18), Hosea’s Wife (3:5), Joel’s Day of the LORD (2:1-2), Amos’ rebuilt Tabernacle of David (9:11-15), I think you get the picture, are all waiting for that day. Angelic ministry will be prominent in the fulfillment of those ancient words yet neither the Son of Man nor the angels (Luke 9:26) returning in stunning glory, knows when that day will arrive (Matt. 24:36). Of one thing we are assured: victory, and the angels know it (Rev. 3:5).

John was privileged to accompany this angel as he revealed the heavenly Temple, the throne of God, and the amazing worship of all kinds of angels (ch. 4): cherubim, undoubtedly seraphim, and the living creatures. Their assignments ranged from worship and declaration (ch. 4-5), commanding the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (ch. 6), refraining the winds and sealing the saints (ch. 7), to releasing the fragrance of the prayers of the saints to God (ch. 8). Amidst all the angelic activity in this book, God reassures us that no word from Him will go unfulfilled and no prayer from us will go unanswered.

Angelic authority is clearly established as God handed the fifth angel the key to hell (ch. 9) and the archangel Michael, along with his company of angels, rise up in warfare against Satan and his demonic warriors (ch. 12). Remember, angels are fighting on our behalf at God’s direction because we are His family, His image bearers, and He will go to any extreme for us. After the angels release the judgments on those who will not repent we are given a reprieve as Jesus appears (19:11-16) accompanied by the armies of heaven, angelic and saints, to attend the marriage supper of the Lamb.

As it was in the Garden of Eden, so it will be when Christ returns (ch. 21-22): the dwelling place of God is with man. Kingdom living will be enjoyed with no tears, no death, no crying or pain, and angels longing to understand this intimate, bridal relationship between God and His Church.

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you about these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.” Revelation 22:16 ESV

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