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Psalm 145 Tell your Kids

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power. I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles. Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on every tongue; I will proclaim your greatness. Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness; they will sing with joy about your righteousness. Psalms 145:4-7 NLT

Giving your opinion is something everyone loves to do, whether you’re asked for it or not! King David is making a proclamation to give your opinion, your recommendation, about God. Think for a moment about our King and what the Bible tells us about Him: His mighty acts. You know, before the foundation of the world there was activity in heaven. God was working out a plan of rescue for those who would trust Him. Mighty acts, miraculous works, awesome deeds, wonderful goodness; that’s how David described what God had done. From creation to re-creation, God had a people for Himself to whom He showed His glorious splendor in many miraculous ways. Recounting those stories benefits our children and shows them your opinion of God. His kingly majesty, His imposing character, His supreme greatness, and His divine authority gives you, your children, or grandchildren a sense of trust that no matter how the outward circumstances may look, God is in control.

This magnificent God of ours promises to be there for you through thick and thin, good times and bad, and He can be trusted. That’s why we aggrandize Him, we magnify Him, and we recommend Him to our families. We remember what He’s done in the past and reassure our kids and ourselves, that He’s the same God, never changing, and what He did then, He’ll do for you. If Jesus calmed raging waters once, He’s able to calm any storm in your life. Since He traveled around doing good, He has goodness for you and He’s active on your behalf; join David and meditate on that.

It’s easy to get the mindset that you’re in control and can get yourself out of any trouble you’re in but the truth for a believer is that it’s the power of God in you that you should rely on.

For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me. Colossians 1:29 ESV

Did you notice it’s His energy, not yours, and it’s His power working, not yours? Stop striving, trying to solve your problems, and ask God to work. Let your children see and hear you trusting God. Declare His greatness, read those awesome stories, and explain how He’s worked in your life and watch the peace and joy of God overtake your family. I know there’s reason for fear in our world today but God is greater than any terror in the world and His strength is in you.

A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Ephesians 6:10 NLT

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