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Most High

While surfing the internet for restaurants you don’t typically want a good one; you want the best. True? It’s the American mindset. God has given us a glimpse into the best by His name, Most High; let’s discover Jesus in this name.

We first read of El Elyon, Most High God, in Gen. 14:19-22. Many theologians agree that Melchizedek was Jesus appearing in the flesh to meet with Abram (Abraham); a supernatural story for sure. Melchizedek declared God to be Most High, four times; that’s significant. God Most High is a superlative; it proclaims the highest order. The Most High is the highest possible position that surpasses all others.

Nebuchadnezzar realized God was Most High after an encounter with Daniel (Dan. 4:2-3). In fact, this name for God was used ten times in his book. That’s important because this pagan king did not trust God alone for his salvation; he had many gods.

When we enter into Jesus’ life do we find El Elyon? We surely do. Mary was visited by an angel declaring the birth of a son by the power of the Most High, who would be the Son of the Most High, and later heralded the birth: Glory to God in the highest!

Jesus encountered a demon-possessed man in Mark 5. Previously He had entered into a demonic storm, rebuked it, and caused peace to come. Who has that kind of power? The Most High God, the superlative of all gods. When Jesus arrived at His destination He faced off with demons and what did they declare: Jesus, Son of the Most High God!

As He approached Jerusalem for the last time the people were exuberant and shouted,

Hosanna in the highest!

Hosanna was a Hebrew expression that translates as ‘please save us’ but that wasn’t their cry. It had changed when they recognized Him as the Most High; their plea for deliverance became an expression of praise and confidence to El Elyon, Most High God.

Stephen preached his last sermon in Acts 7 which enraged the religious leaders. He also declared God as Most High and rebuked them for resisting the Holy Spirit. How did that happen? They rejected Jesus, the Righteous One. Stephen was executed then and there and persecution of the Church was released.

As Paul picked up the mantle of God’s assignment we find him in Acts 16 encountering a demon-possessed woman. What did she cry out? “These are servants of the Most High God!” Paul commanded the demon to come out and he did.

What’s the point of all this? From beginning to end God holds the quintessence, the highest place, in all of creation. From pagan kings to angels to demon-possessed humans, He retains that position; the question is whether or not we believe it. If He’s got the best answers to our questions, the best choices in life, or the best decisions available, shouldn’t we go to Him first? Declare Jesus as your Most High God; He won’t disappoint you.

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